About Water Heaters

In a typical Northeast Georgia home, water heating is one of the largest components of your electric bill, second only to heating and cooling costs. In fact, water heating can account for 19% of your total power bill. Fortunately, there are more energy efficient options for electric water heating now than ever before. And, ENERGY STAR qualified heat pump water heaters can save the average household almost $300 per year on its electric bills compared to a standard electric water heater. 

Jackson EMC also offers a variety of programs and services that can lower the cost of investment in a new, efficient water heater. 

Rebates for Water Heaters

Jackson EMC is pleased to offer members the following rebates on various types of energy-efficient water heaters:

Electric Water Heater Type  Advantages      Jackson EMC Rebates 
Standard Water Heater     Affordable, simple installation      $150 
Heat Pump Water Heater     ENERGY STAR rated      $500 
Grid-Enabled Water Heater* Energy efficient, affordable  $500

*Please note - grid-enabled water heaters are not available at this time.

Qualifications for Rebate:

  • Rebates are limited to two water heaters per home.
  • Water heater must be installed in a home served by Jackson EMC.
  • Member must sign Jackson EMC's member rebate application.

Rebate Process:

  • For Marathon and heat pump water heaters, you will receive a copy of your invoice from your plumbing or electrician technician.
  • You may mail a copy of your customer rebate application and invoice to Jackson EMC at Rebates, P.O. Box 38, Jefferson, GA  30549 or you may take your invoice and signed rebate application to your closest Jackson EMC office.
  • A Jackson EMC representative will inspect all equipment installations before rebates are paid. 
  • Jackson EMC will process the rebate and mail you a check.

Loans for Water Heaters

Jackson EMC offers special financing options for members interested in upgrading to a new, efficient electric or solar water heater. Loans are offered in conjunction with our strategic partners and are subject to approval, and special terms and conditions. 

Members can apply for financing* for the purchase of an ENERGY STAR-rated electric hot water heater. Offer applies to both heat pump and solar thermal water heaters. 

Members can also take advantage of our Five Percent Interest loan for amounts up to $5,000 or for financing on Marathon or other non-ENERGY STAR models. 

*contact Jackson EMC for details.