Surge Protection for Major Appliances

Protection for Your Valuable Investments

If your home appliances are damaged by a power surge
or lightning strike, your investment will be protected.
Keep your investments safe with plans
starting at $5.75 per month.


With the Surge HELP® warranty program your motor driven appliances are covered. Coverage includes HVAC units, refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, garage door openers, ovens, stoves, well pumps and pool pumps.

No Hassles

Why file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance and risk higher premiums? What about your deductible? With Surge HELP® you pay the same amount, regardless of claims, and there is never a deductible. Surge HELP® will even pay up to $125 in diagnostic/service fees for a valid claim and there’s no equipment to install.

More Coverage

Most surge protection programs exclude items such as stoves and ovens or the outside portion of your heat pump/AC and well pumps. Surge HELP® covers all of those items, giving you more protection.

Simple Claims Process

If you experience a power surge, filing a claim is easy –

 • Call 1-833-521-4825 to request a claim form
 • Have a repair technician diagnose your damaged item(s)
 • Surge HELP® will pay to repair or replace damaged items 

Pick Your Level of Coverage

 • $2,000 annual coverage for $5.75 per month (+ sales tax)
 • $3,000 annual coverage for $6.95 per month (+ sales tax) 

Each year there are about 25 million lightning strikes in the U.S. and Georgia ranks 8th among other states in terms of density of lightning strikes per square mile.

Call 1-800-462-3691

Order Now (pdf)To speak to a Jackson EMC customer service
representative about the Surge HELP® warranty program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase Surge HELP®? Can’t I just buy surge protectors?
High quality surge protectors are a good idea, in fact Jackson EMC offers them (see plug-in surge protection page). However, surge protection for motor-driven appliances, such as HVAC units, refrigerators, garage door openers and water heaters can be more challenging. Surge HELP® offers protection for these appliances.

How do I know you will pay the repair cost?
You can call for pre-approval once you receive a repair estimate; however, as long as the claim form is completed in full and accompanied by the proper documentation,you will receive payment. See Terms & Conditions for complete claim process.

How do you determine replacement cost for items that cannot be repaired?
Replacement cost is based on the typical purchase price of the most similar product available on the market today, taking into consideration the make, model and features of the item being replaced.

How do I sign up?
To order Surge HELP®, complete the Surge HELP® Service Request pdf form print it, and mail it to Jackson EMC P.O. Box 38 Jefferson, GA 30549