Strategic Planning

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The strategic planning process is how we let each other know about the direction of our company, and what our priorities are.

It’s as simple as gathering information and listening to feedback before we decide what we do next.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values are and will always be where the strategic planning process starts. But they are more than just the first step in the process; they are also the reason why the process will continue year after year. Words like best, forward-thinking, innovative, and exceeding expectations create objectives that will evolve so each year through the strategic planning process we will develop goals and priorities to help us move closer to these targets enabling us to continuously grow as a company.

Our Vision helps us outline where we want to be in the future. At Jackson EMC, we have defined our Vision – To be the best, forward-thinking, innovative energy supplier providing a friendly and fulfilling work environment. That’s what we aspire to and it takes all of us working together to move toward that goal.

Our Mission describes what we need to focus on today and every day in order to make progress toward our future goals. At Jackson EMC, our Mission may seem simple, but we all know that it takes hard work from all of us – To exceed our member’s expectations with reliable, courteous and personalized service.

Our Values guide everything we do and help us prioritize our goals.

At Jackson EMC our Values are what we care about.

We Care About:

  • Our Members: Outstanding Service, Stewardship and Integrity
  • Our Employees: Safe, Positive, Family-oriented, Rewarding Work Environment
  • Our Communities: Reputation and Involvement
  • Our Performance: Accountability and Efficiency
  • Open and Honest Communication: Teamwork and Trust
  • The Spirit of Cooperation: Among Ourselves, with Strategic Partners, and Upholding the Cooperative Principles

Knowing our vision, mission and values are not enough to help us know exactly how we will get there. So each year we need to evaluate our past years’ progress and identify new strategic initiatives to complete during the coming year to keep moving toward our goals. Throughout the year, meetings and surveys happen that help us collect information from employees, members and our Board of Directors. This information is what shapes our corporate strategic plan.

The strategic plan is simple, it reminds us of our Vision, Mission and Values; it helps us categorize our strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; and it outlines where our focus needs to be in the coming year through the identification of strategic initiatives. All of our initiatives will focus on how we can be the best when it comes to serving our members.