Serving Members and the Community

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At Jackson EMC, employees are dedicated to serving members and the community. From volunteer projects to community service, employees across departments find unique ways to give back.

This spring, customer service representatives, Bella Villalobos and Hannah Ellis, from Jackson EMC’s Gainesville office participated in Jackson County’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service.

The inaugural Jackson County Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service brought together leaders in the community to take on various projects at local schools, in order to give back to students and teachers.

At Gum Springs Elementary School, Villalobos and Ellis, worked with local volunteers to paint inspirational quotes and add words of encouragement to walls and doors throughout the school building. They also helped work outside and tidy up the building, providing a clean, fresh space for students.

“We were able to do work both outside and inside the school. We planted, cleaned up mulch piles and put up inspirational quotes all over their walls. I enjoyed every moment!” said Villalobos. “I was proud to be able to represent Jackson EMC at the day of service, to show what we are about and how we serve our communities.”

Together, along with Villalobos and Ellis, Jackson EMC employees contributed to the county-wide day of service at multiple schools, working on various projects and initiatives.

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