Khanika Tidwell Q&A

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At Jackson EMC, fostering a family-oriented workplace is a top priority. Human Resources actively works to support employees across each area and encourage a diverse, welcoming workplace. To learn more about Human Resources, we met virtually with Compliance and Employment Specialist Khanika Tidwell.

My name is Khanika Tidwell and I’m the compliance and employment specialist at Jackson EMC. I have a unique position within Human Resources. My specialization is in federal and state government documentation. I make sure the cooperative is compliant with various regulations, and I keep a running record of our employee demographics. This ensures we’re following all employment laws set by the government, but also that we’re promoting a safe, positive, family-oriented, rewarding work environment, one of core values at Jackson EMC.

I graduated college with a Bachelor’s in Business Management. I knew I wanted to work with people, so I went back and received a Master’s in Human Services. My goal was to combine my passion for business and people. I wanted to help others and have a sense of joy and accomplishment when I left work - that’s what led me to Human Resources.

I’ve been at Jackson EMC as a full-time employee for more than two years. I started as a part-time contractor in 2017. I immediately connected with all my co-workers in Human Resources. Everyone was so helpful, and Jackson EMC seemed like a great place to work. I stayed in that position for 6 months, and then ended up accepting the role as our full-time compliance and employment specialist.

The great thing about our department is that we all work together to support our employees. Specifically, however, I track demographic numbers and figures for employees across the cooperative, with a focus on legal compliance. For example, I keep a running record of how many women, or other minorities, are employed at Jackson EMC. Anytime someone in our department needs a statistic or a number, I’m able to pull that for them. I also help with recruiting and new employee orientation, which can be anything from welcoming a new hire to creating their name badge for them on their first day.

I find it very rewarding. I’m known for always having a big smile on my face, so it makes me happy to know when someone new comes onboard, that’s one of the first things they see. Everyone at Jackson EMC embodies that positivity too, so I’m honored to be an example of our culture and welcome new employees. I embrace my role and love that I’m able to make an impact in our employee’s lives.

Each day usually looks different. For the most part, I stay very busy. I have days that are focused solely on paperwork, while others are more interactive, where I’m working hands-on with employees or attending job fairs. If we have new employees coming onboard, my schedule can be crazy, which I love. I welcome them, create their badges and enter them into the system, while also keeping up with typical, everyday paperwork. When we’re not onboarding new hires, I’m working on unique projects, like the Civil Rights Review. This is an important review that helps make sure, as a cooperative, we’re not discriminating against anyone based on their race, sex or disability. Right now, I’m setting up interviews for that review and making sure I have everything prepared. I also regularly help employees across the cooperative when they need specific demographic numbers pulled. No two days are the same.

Compliance is focused on reporting and updating our employee demographic numbers. Along with demographic documentation, most employee paperwork comes through me. This can include anything from paperwork for an employee applying for a work VISA or commercial driver's license, to someone asked to complete a random drug test.

The people. I love that I’m able to help employees and new hires. I’m also able to meet new people outside of the company and build relationships with them. I always try to be a positive representation of what we stand for at Jackson EMC. Other than that, I really do enjoy the fact that I’m able to keep everything in order and keep us complaint. Overall, it’s a very rewarding career.

I would want everyone to know how proud I feel just to be an employee here. I love knowing that our department makes a difference for people. We have a positive reputation and create genuine connections with our employees. Our co-workers want to talk to us, they know we care about them and they feel comfortable with us, which isn’t always the case within Human Resources. I genuinely enjoy going to work each day and am so thankful for the friendships I’ve gained at Jackson EMC!

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