Facilities: Keeping It All Together

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From the everyday to emergencies, Jackson EMC’s facilities staff stands ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

“We have facilities maintenance technicians who do mechanical duties like repairing air conditioners or replacing receptacles, and we have facilities technicians who are in charge of custodial duties like keeping the breakroom stocked, moving furniture, room setup, occasional cleanup and making sure doors are locked at night,” says Mark Reynolds, director of facilities.

Based in Jefferson, the facilities maintenance technicians travel to all district offices to perform mechanical and electrical maintenance work as needed, according to Mark.

“Most of what we do deals with electric or HVAC, so if anything goes wrong, we have to get on the problem to resolve it,” he says. “If the power goes out, we’re called first to determine if it’s localized at a breaker in the building. If there’s something wrong with the heating and air system, that’s considered an emergency, especially in the summertime or on a cold, cold day in Georgia.”

Other emergency situations might include water leaks or exposed wiring. Facilities technicians also maintain cooling systems in the server room in Jefferson, according to Mark.

Of course, not all jobs covered by the technicians are emergencies, but they are important to the comfort and job satisfaction of Jackson EMC employees, according to Mark.

“We make sure everything is right for the employees, from the temperature in the building, to the areas where they park their cars, to hanging pictures and moving furniture so their workspace is comfortable,” says Mark. “Our guys keep everything together. We provide service to our employees, so that they can provide service to our members.”

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