Educational Assistance at Jackson EMC

Name: David Cleveland – Director Business Development

Degree: Master of Business Administration

College: Georgia College and State University

Graduated: 2019

“Jackson EMC’s Educational Assistance Program is a tremendous employee benefit and I am grateful that I had an opportunity to take part in the program. The knowledge I’ve gained by obtaining my MBA has helped me to grow professionally. I believe it is an asset that will serve me well as I advance in my career at Jackson EMC.”

Name: Connie Owensby

Degree: Associate in Business Administration with High Honors

College: Southern New Hampshire University

Graduated: 2019

“The question is not, ‘Do you have time?’ The question is, ‘How bad do you want it?’ I had my plate full when pursuing my degree…Three boys in high school, a campaigning husband, and a large handful of volunteer commitments kept me busy. Then I went back to school. But, I was at a place in my career that I would struggle to advance further without a degree. Thanks to the Jackson EMC Educational Assistance Program, I got that chance. Now I have a degree in Business Administration, and I am more prepared to take the next step in my career with the cooperative.”

Name: Briana Glenn

College: Brenau University

Degree: Master of Business Administration

Anticipated Graduation Date: December 2020

“Going back to school for a master’s degree has been very challenging yet rewarding. While taking classes and completing homework at night and on the weekends, I’ve still managed to complete my daily workload, participate on a Strategic Initiative Team, as well as prepare for implementation of a new software program. And there are many other employees who have juggled the same or more! I’ve been overwhelmed, but I’m also reminded just how important it is to continue growing personally and professionally. Much of my classwork has been applied to my professional life, and I tend to need the information during the semester I’m receiving it. I’m very grateful that Jackson EMC offers such a wonderful opportunity to its employees. Tuition reimbursement has been an absolute blessing!”

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