Celissa Beck: Accounting Clerk & Soccer Coach

Jackson EMC employees give back to the community in many ways. Employees find themselves serving on charitable boards, building Habitat homes, serving meals to the hungry, mentoring students and in accounting clerk Celissa Beck’s case, coaching sporting teams.

To learn more about Celissa’s calling, we asked her a few questions about her quest to coach.

Which sports do you coach? Soccer for 8-year-old twins Aidenn and Kasen and cheerleading for her step-daughter Haley, 9.

Why do you do it? Truthfully, because I am a horrible sideline parent. We also were in a lurch in regards to soccer so I just stepped in.

What do you love about it? It allows me to be with my kids and I get a little bit of exercise out of it. It also makes me basically a celebrity when I walk into the elementary school.

When is it difficult? The hardest thing is that both sports took place on the same days and usually at the same time. Being in two places at once was quite the challenge.

How is coaching giving back to the community? To steal a phrase, children are our future. Coaching helps me give back to those children who might not ever get one-on-one attention. I also believe that being involved with sports helps children build character.

Do you have a funny coaching story? Aidenn (or names ending in the “en” sound) are very common. We have played quite a few teams with similar sounding names. It makes it very interesting when you are shouting at your kid to do something and three other kids who have similar names all turned to see who is calling them.

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