Brian Harris Joins National Cybersecurity Alliance

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Cybersecurity is taken seriously at Jackson EMC, according to Brian Harris, Jackson EMC’s Director of IT Infrastructure and Data Integrity.

Harris recently became a member of InfraGard Members Alliance - which works to create a dialogue between public and private organizations and the FBI, in order to collaboratively address threats to U.S. critical infrastructure.

“We’ve joined this organization to ensure that we are kept aware of any pertinent security related issues,” Harris said. “This is a great partnership between the FBI and industries in the private sector.”

InfraGard has more than 50,000 members. Other members include military and government officials, business executives, academia, state and local law enforcement and people from many other industries. Other electric cooperatives are also a part of the alliance, increasing the benefits this group offers. The Alliance hopes that collaboration and information sharing between various industries can enhance its collective ability to address cyber-threats throughout the county.

“Having this front-line connection to the FBI is just another example of the steps that we are taking to ensure that we are as prepared as possible to address any security incidents,” Harris said.

While Harris and his team work hard to ensure that Jackson EMC stays ahead of any potential cyber-threats, they also provide monthly cybersecurity training for employees. The training helps Jackson EMC employees recognize potential cybersecurity threats or scams and take appropriate action.

According to Harris, it’s important for everyone to practice safe online behavior in their professional and personal lives.