Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

Don’t Toy With Your Safety





Children are naturally curious and most don’t know about the dangers of electricity.
By applying some of the practices mentioned below and sharing these tips with your kids, you can help them play it safe around electricity, both indoors and outdoors.

When you're indoors:

Electrical outlet, plastic outlet cover, and a frayed electrical cord icon

1Use plastic outlet protectors, or better yet – use outlets with swiveling face covers to prevent objects from being inserted.

2Don’t plug too many cords into a surge protector.

3Never yank an electrical cord from the wall. 

4Never touch a worn, frayed or damaged electrical cord.

Flying kites and remote-controlled toys can be fun, but accidentally making contact with a power line or other electrical equipment can be dangerous and – in some cases – deadly.

When you're outdoors: 

Transformer, Tree near power lines, phone icon

5Never fly kites, drones, or other remote controlled toys near power lines.

6Stay away from power lines, meters, pad-mounted transformers and electrical boxes.

7Never climb trees near power lines.

8Don’t touch or go near downed power lines   

9If you get something stuck in a power line,
call Jackson EMC at 1-800-462-3691