Residential Terms of Service and Conditions

The Applicant or his authorized agent hereby applies for membership in, and agrees to purchase electric energy from Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (hereinafter called the Cooperative), upon the terms and conditions listed below.

  1. Applicant will pay to the Cooperative a membership fee and connect fee and expressly agrees that the Cooperative may prior to the acceptance of this application use the fee for investigation, engineering survey and/or setting up records for the location in the applicant's name. The fee will be returned only if the Cooperative is unable to serve the location or if the application is cancelled prior to survey, or establishment of records.
  2. The applicant will, when electric energy becomes available and the meter is installed, purchase from the Cooperative all electric energy (excluding energy generated for power backup and/or for energy management) used on the premises and will pay therefore monthly at rates which will be fixed by the Board of Directors of the Cooperative. The applicant will pay a bill of at least the minimum monthly charge specified in the applicable rate for this service.
  3. The applicant will cause their premises to be wired in accordance with wiring specifications approved by the Cooperative.
  4. The applicant will comply with and be bound by the provisions of the charter and bylaws of the Cooperative of which they will be a member, and such service rules and regulations as may, from time to time, be adopted by the Cooperative.
  5. The undersigned, if an owner of an interest in the premises to be served, will and hereby grants to the Cooperative the necessary easements and rights to construct, operate, maintain and repair its lines and all equipment connected or used in connection with the extension of service requested by the undersigned upon, along, across, over, and under said premises. All service lines supplying the undersigned with electric energy and all meters, switches and other equipment constructed o installed by the Cooperative in, on, or under said premises, shall at all times be the sole property of the Cooperative which shall have the right of access to the said premises to repair or service the same and upon the discontinuance of the service for any reason, to remove the same.
  6. The member accordingly agrees to allow the Cooperative to perform necessary right-of-way clearing and conveys to the Cooperative the right of ingress and egress for the purposes of inspecting and maintaining said equipment.