PrePay Service Agreement

Eligibility / Sign-up

Jackson EMC offers a prepaid metering option (“PrePay”) to members with a residential location served by a 200-amp meter billed on a single register. To receive PrePay service, an Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) Remote-Disconnect meter is required and provided by Jackson EMC. All applicable fees, rates, and charges (excluding any security deposit requirement) apply to PrePay accounts, including applicable energy, security light, and member charges. Accounts currently on Budget Billing are not eligible for PrePay.

New Members

Any new member electing to sign up for PrePay service will initially pay $65 consisting of: a $5 membership fee, a $30 connection fee, and an initial minimum energy purchase of $30.

Existing Members

When converting to PrePay, any paid deposit on the account will first be applied to all past and current charges. Any remaining deposit balance will then be applied to the PrePay account as a credit toward future energy purchases. After the deposit is applied to all past and current charges, if the member has an unpaid balance, that balance may be eligible for a payment arrangement at setup. 25% of future payment amounts will be applied to the payment arrangement balance and 75% of the payment amount will be applied toward future energy purchases. All PrePay accounts must have an initial minimum energy purchase of $30


PrePay account balances are calculated daily using the previous day’s meter reading and all payments currently received. PrePay accounts are reconciled monthly and adjusted for any applicable monthly charges.

PrePay accounts do not receive monthly billing statements. The following options are available for the member to manage and monitor their PrePay account: online at MyJacksonEMC.com, the MyJacksonEMC mobile app (available in App Store and Google Play Store), self-service payment kiosks, and via phone at 1-888-228-9166. Members may also make payments and check balances at any local Jackson EMC office during normal business hours. Automatic bank draft payments are not available with PrePay service.

An energy assistance grant or pledge will be applied to PrePay accounts upon receipt of funds. A promise to pay from an energy assistance program will not prevent disconnection of service.

If a returned check or electronic chargeback is received on the account, the amount of the return and a return fee of $30 will be charged to the member’s account immediately. If this causes the credit balance to be entirely depleted, service may be disconnected on the same business day.


PrePay notifications may be sent for the following events: the account has a low balance, the account is subject to disconnection, the account has been disconnected, and the account has been reconnected. The member agrees to allow Jackson EMC to notify the member when their account balance is below a predetermined threshold.

Maintaining a credit balance on the account is the responsibility of the member. A PrePay account will be subject for disconnection when the PrePay credit balance falls below $0. To reconnect service, the account must have a PrePay credit balance.

Payments made between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. do not guarantee reconnection until after 8:00 a.m.

Termination of Service

A PrePay member may elect to opt out of the PrePay service at any time with the understanding Jackson EMC will require full payment of any account balance and/or deposit required as a condition of continued electric service. If the member requests to terminate service, any remaining credit balance may be applied to the member’s account or refunded once all debt has been cleared. The refund will be mailed in the form of a check to a forwarding address.

Except as modified herein, Jackson EMC’s Service Rules and Regulations apply. The PrePay service program is subject to change, and Jackson EMC reserves the right to modify or terminate the program at any time.

By electing to participate in PrePay, you agree to the terms of the program as stated above.

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