My Energy Use Portal

Introducing "My Energy Use," your personal Web portal.

Residential members can now access "My Energy Use", a personal Web portal. "My Energy Use" is a new online tool that allows you to view your energy use on a daily basis. It comes with your smart meter to help you better manage your energy use and electric bill. 

The "My Energy Use" portal receives data from your smart meter through a secure wireless network and displays your energy use. 


1. Log on to your Online Member Account at


Secure Login Screen

To create an account, click on the New User button. Create your username and password and log into your account. You'll need to add your account to your profile. Make sure you have your 6-digit Account Number and 4-digit pin number from your bill. 

Click on your account number to view the account. 

2. From your Account Overview page, click on the "My Energy Use" button to access your portal.


My Energy Use Banner


Manage your use

The Dashboard displays details about your energy use to help you make the most sense out of your data. It will automatically show use over the last 30 days. You can see your progress in the lower left corner to see if you’ve more or less energy compared to the previous 30 days.

My Energy Use Dashboard Charts

To see your use by the hour, click on the bar graph for any day on the chart. 

Click on a bar to review details of that day

The Reports Tab allows you to change the time period you are viewing by typing in a new date range in the top left corner or selecting dates from the calendar. 

In the right corner, selecting "D" will display hourly energy use, "W" displays use for the week, "M" shows the previous 30 days and "B" displays your individual billing cycle. 

The Reports Tab

While using the Reports Tab, Overlay functions allow you to compare average consumption, consumption from the previous week, or the previous year. The weather overlay can also indicate how the weather has affected energy use. 

Weather Overlay

Clicking on the Excel icon will allow you to download your energy use data. You can also print the data, or download the data as an image file. 

If you want to be notified once your energy use has reached a certain threshold, click the gear icon to set up an alert.

Reports Tab

The Library Tab is full of resources to help you learn more about how to use the tool. 

Library Tab


You can use the Home Energy Monitor to learn where you spend your energy at home.

Home Energy Monitor Banner and Link