Rider CS - Cooperative Solar


This rider is applicable in connection with service for customers served under the Cooperative’s residential rate schedules excluding customers on the Time-of-Use rate, Plug-In Electric Vehicle rate, or Net Metering Rider. Members on the Cooperative’s PrePay or Budget Billing program are not eligible to participate in the Cooperative Solar program.

Cooperative Solar Adjustment:

Cooperative Solar will be sold in blocks of one (1) kilowatt (kW). The cost will be $23.00 per block per month charged to the customer’s bill for each block purchased and is in addition to all the costs pursuant to the customer’s existing residential tariff.

Each month the total generation of the Cooperative solar unit(s) will be divided by the total blocks in the Cooperative Solar program, and the customer will receive their share pro rata. The production of the customer’s purchased block(s) will vary from month-to-month based on output from the solar facilities owned and operated by the Cooperative supplying the Cooperative Solar program.

The customer’s consumption for billing purposes will be offset by the Cooperative Solar generation associated with the customer’s purchased block(s). In the event the purchased block(s) generate more energy than was consumed during the current billing period, that excess electricity is credited by the Cooperative. All electricity credited by the Cooperative will be credited at AVOIDED ENERGY COST as defined in the current Net Metering Rider (NM), with this kWh credit appearing on the bill for the billing period.

In the event the customer develops a credit balance during a billing period, the credit balance will be applied to the next month’s billing charges.

Avoided Energy Cost:

Credits made to the customer for generation in excess of consumption will be calculated as follows:

Total Avoided Energy Cost=Base Charge at Generator+Transmission Line Loss Avoided Costs at Substation+Distribution Line Loss at Customer


A limited amount of solar blocks are available for retail distribution. Customers will be added on a first come – first serve basis. The Cooperative reserves the right to limit the number of solar blocks for a customer to no more than three. Requests for more than three blocks will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Cooperative reserves the right to discontinue the Cooperative Solar program and/or this rider at any time at the Cooperative’s discretion.

Customers may discontinue participation in the program at any time. The customer understands and agrees that by choosing to exit the program the account will incur a twelve (12) month waiting period before becoming eligible for re-enrollment and may be placed on a waiting list due to the limited availability of solar blocks.

Participating customers who relocate to another service location served by the Cooperative may transfer their subscription to the new premises provided that the customer meets all the program’s eligibility requirements at that new service location and provides notice prior to discontinuing electric service.

The purchase of Cooperative Solar block(s) shall be considered as electric sales the same as any other electric sales and the customer would be subject to all collection procedures in the event of non-payment in accordance with the Cooperative’s Service Rules and Regulations.

Download the Rider CS - PDF

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