Load Management Adjustment Rider


This rider is applicable to and becomes part of each retail rate schedule of the Cooperative in which reference to Rider LM is made.

Load Management Adjustment:

All active customers participating in the Cooperative's Load Management Program who have switches on their central air conditioning unit(s) and/or electric water heater(s) may receive a credit on the June through September bill. The amount of their credit will be determined by multiplying the kW controlled times $0.875 on air conditioning units and $0.20 on electric water heating.

The load management switch must have been in place during the full usage period for which the load management credit is given. Credit will be given only to those customers whose accounts are active at the time the bill is rendered.

Eligible Installations:

Load management switches will be provided at locations which solely in the opinion of the Cooperative are accessible for installation and maintenance and are appropriate for load management purposes.

Download a Load Management Adjustment Rider PDF Here