Q&A with Tabitha Wascher

Tabitha And Friends
Tabitha Wascher (right) poses with her co-workers Sandie Gaskins (left) and Crystal Baldwin (middle).

Tabitha Wascher found a love for engineering at Jackson EMC while still in high school. Sixteen years later, she’s now helping to train our next generation of engineers as a mentor for the same work-based learning program that placed her here.

We asked Tabitha a few questions about her experience.

How did you get your start at Jackson EMC?
In 2001, I worked as a high school youth apprentice in corporate engineering. I worked here throughout college, too.

What do you do now?
Projects Engineer

Why did you choose a student job at JEMC?
It was an opportunity that was brought to me. I wanted to work with numbers and an engineering youth apprentice job was available. I didn’t even know what an engineer was before I started working here and now I am an engineer.

What was your mentor experience like?
I learned how to be a professional and how co-workers can become a part of your family. Even to this day the people I used to work for continue to guide me and teach me life lessons.

Tell me about a cool experience on the job as a student.
I got the opportunity to work with lineman out in the field and in the office. I was never treated like I was “just a girl.”

Advice for students considering this path…
Negativity gets you nowhere and your willingness to learn is very important for your success. Working at Jackson EMC is an absolute blessing.

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