Love Robotics? So Does Sandie

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Sandie Gaskins came to Jackson EMC in July 2016 as an intern in our engineering department.

Although she’s still in high school, Sandie is getting hands-on experience in engineering through the work-based learning program at Jackson County High School.

“In high school, I participated on a FRC Robotics Team that was sponsored by the Jackson EMC Foundation. While on the robotics team, I discovered my passion for engineering and knew it was the career I wanted to pursue,” she said. “When offered the opportunity to be an Intern for Jackson EMC I was ecstatic!”

Sandie has a passion for robotics and her interest in engineering is what makes her job interesting. Working for a company that’s invested in her community is what makes her love Jackson EMC.

“I wanted to be a part of a company that focuses so much on its members and community, and be a part of a company that helps students succeed in their dreams,” she said.

Among her memorable experiences, Sandie said she enjoys working in the community.

“One of the best experiences I’ve had while working at Jackson EMC so far was getting to assist at the Maysville Elementary School Farm Day with Jackson EMC. I got to interact with students, and it was amazing to see youth who were inspired and excited to learn about our company and what powers their homes.”

— Sandie Gaskins

She offers this advice for students considering a position at Jackson EMC: “Put your mind to what you are passionate about. Jackson EMC has so many opportunities; there are many moving parts to this company, it isn’t just about the electricity. There’s accounting, engineering, marketing, and so many other departments that would be an amazing start to whatever career you are trying to get into. I’ve personally experienced that Jackson EMC cares about their students and they will do whatever it takes to nourish us and help us learn and grow to succeed at the best of our abilities.”