Strategic Planning & Analytics

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Informed decisions are important in all businesses; your role in Strategic Planning and Analytics is to deliver the insightful analytics our leaders need to enable us to make confident decisions. Whether it’s evaluating our costs to serve members, looking at our rate structure, tracking metrics for improved performance, or managing our company-wide strategic planning process, your role in Strategic Planning and Analytics is critical to our success.

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Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process is how we let each other know about the direction of our company, and what our priorities are. It’s as simple as gathering information and listening to feedback before we decide what we do next.

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Jackson EMC Stories

Research Drives Our Direction

In order to fulfill our mission of exceeding our members’ expectations, we first need to know exactly what they expect and reach out to ask how we’re doing. We mailed 3,200 surveys this year; 424 of our members mailed them back.

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"We conduct cost of service studies to ensure our members’ rates are affordable and equitable.”

Brittany Caison, Vice President Strategic Planning and Analytics


Strategic Planning

Jackson EMC believes in forward progress. To keep our business moving in the right direction, we have an ongoing strategic planning process that involves every employee in our company. We need you to help keep all of our great ideas focused on our Vision, Mission and Values to keep us moving forward.

Business Analytics

In Business Analytics, you'll draw insights and create recommendations that drive key business decisions. Using metrics and measures, data mining, statistical and quantitative analysis, predictive analytics, modeling, benchmarking, and tracking of performance against standards, you can use your analytical knowledge to translate complex data into easy to digest information by developing company-wide dashboards and tools for performance.

Rate Tracking and Planning

As a not-for-profit cooperative, we only want to earn what we need to operate efficiently, so we need to track and analyze how electric rates are performing against projections. In Rate Tracking and Planning you'll also provide support for projects that need your analytical eye; including cost of service studies, rate work and revenue projections.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

You like to investigate all the possibilities. Evaluating our internal strengths and weakness and external opportunities and threats, you will develop an understanding of the potential risks in any decision. These skills will help provide an annual risk management assessment and create the strategies to mitigate and manage these risks.


  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Strategic Planning Analyst