Marketing, Member Services & Governmental Affairs

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“Members First” is your mantra. As a member-owned electric cooperative, every person who receives power from Jackson EMC is an owner and a stakeholder in how the business is run. In Marketing, Member Services and Governmental Affairs, you look after our members.

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Innovative Business Partner

Jackson EMC works toward innovative solutions that save money, save energy, improve product quality, enhance productivity and reduce environmental impact.

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Jackson EMC Stories

In Touch: An Inside Look at Taking Member Care to the Next Level

Like many of her colleagues at Jackson EMC, Brenda Medrano was working long hours to help restore power for members after the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma.

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Jackson EMC Stories

Serving Members and the Community

At Jackson EMC, employees are dedicated to serving members and the community. From volunteer projects to community service, employees across departments find unique ways to give back.

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“We work hard to provide powerful solutions for our members. It’s part of our commitment to provide personalized service and enhance productivity.”

David Lee, District Manager, Gainesville


Business Development

In business, power supply is critical. Develop and foster our relationships with commercial and industrial members by owning accounts to deliver exceptional customer service and performance. You'll collaborate

Residential Marketing

Develop and support new opportunities for members. In Residential Marketing, you'll educate members about residential programs aimed at energy efficiency and energy management. You'll build meaningful relationships with members to solve real problems.

Member Services

"Exceeding Expectations" is abundant at Jackson EMC; we live and breathe it. Our courteous people in Member Services insure member experiences in our district offices, in our call center and billing departments exceed expectations.

Governmental Affairs

Cultivate relationships with Jackson EMC's community leaders and legislators to provide for planning, coordination and implementation of community and legislative efforts that have an impact on Jackson EMC.


  • Billing and Member Support Manager
  • Billing and Member Support Specialist
  • Business Development Manager
  • Commercial/Industrial Engineer
  • Contact Center Representative
  • Contact Center Supervisor
  • Customer Relationship Coordinator
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Director, Business Development
  • Director, Customer Service
  • Director, Office Services
  • Director, Residential Marketing
  • District Manager
  • District Office Supervisor
  • Member Engagement Specialist
  • Residential Energy Advisor
  • Residential New Development Advisor
  • Senior Billing and Member Support Specialist
  • Senior Customer Service Representative
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