Human Resources & Employee Development

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People are what makes Jackson EMC such a great place to work. The people responsible for finding, empowering and taking care of this foundational element of our success are in Human Resources and Employee Development.

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Jackson EMC’s Power Team

Jackson EMC cares about the health and wellness of our employees and their families. Jackson EMC’s Power Team is a fun opportunity for employees and their families to participate in local 5Ks that support worthwhile causes.

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Jackson EMC Stories

Powering Homes and Saving Dogs

One Jackson EMC team member has taken on the challenge, and now plays a vital role in helping these dogs find a new forever home. When Greg Mathis, system control coordinator, leaves a shift of helping to keep the lights on for our members, he starts another shift fostering and finding homes for abandoned dogs in his community.

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Jackson EMC Stories

Khanika Tidwell Q & A

At Jackson EMC, fostering a family-oriented workplace is a top priority. Human Resources actively works to support employees across each area and encourage a diverse, welcoming workplace. To learn more about Human Resources, we met virtually with Compliance and Employment Specialist Khanika Tidwell.

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“The educational assistance program gave me a career instead of just a job.”

Robert Akin, Residential Marketing Representative, Gainesville



Connect great talent with great opportunity as you build teams across Jackson EMC. In recruitment, you'll provide for the planning, development and direction of comprehensive recruiting, hiring and employment programs necessary to meet the needs and objectives of Jackson EMC.

Compensation and Benefits

Arguably the most important department in the company--you make sure everyone gets paid. Aside from ensuring we all get paid, you'll manage and assist in the design of the various compensation and employee benefit programs.


As a part of this team, you'll balance our legal and compliance requirements with our company values and the dynamic needs of our members. We need you to ensure Jackson EMC keeps up with regulations. Help align company policies with federal and state employment laws and ensure diversity throughout the workforce.

Employee Development

Ask anyone, the best thing about Jackson EMC is the people who work here. In Employee Development, you'll design innovative programs to foster learning and development for these amazing people so they can keep growing.


  • Administrative Support
  • Director, Employee Development
  • Director, Talent Acquisition & Employment
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Payroll & Insurance Specialist
  • Personnel Clerk