DIY Home Checkup Kit

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Our DIY Home Checkup Kit features a checklist to examine your home and identify potential energy issues.

It comes with comprehensive home energy efficiency literature and a DVD hosted by TV host and home expert Ty Pennington. You can request a Home Checkup Kit to be mailed to your home or access the same resources below.

Request a Free Kit

Ty Pennington, TV host and home expert


  • Recognize heating and air conditioning problems
  • Operate your water heater efficiently and safely
  • Maximize the efficiency of your appliances
  • Improve energy efficiency with insulation
  • Make your windows and doors more energy efficient
Watch the DIY Videos Online

Can’t wait for your DVD to arrive? Watch the DIY Home Checkup videos online.

DIY Home Checkup Checklist

After you watch the DIY Home Checkup videos, download our walk-through checklist to examine your home and identify potential problems.

DIY Energy Saving Tips

Try our DIY Energy Saving Tips to conserve electricity and save money.

Ways to Save

Our Ways to Save brochure shares specific things you can do to reduce your energy consumption and, in turn, your power bill.

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