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Details Make all the Difference


Sealing the outside walls is like putting a wind breaker on your home to prevent uncontrolled ventilation. A Right Choice new home uses the following methods to protect specific areas:

  • Caulk the bottom plate to the floor
  • Seal all exterior wire penetrations and receptacles
  • Seal the outside sheathing between all seams
  • Caulk and seal areas where two wood pieces join
  • Seal around windows
  • Sheathing and blocking air from the knee wall and the floor insulation above the garage.
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Inside a Right Choice Home

Details Make all the Difference


Ever felt cold winter air coming from an interior light switch or known someone whose pipes froze in their wall?

These situations occur when cold air moves from unheated areas to heated ones. That’s why Right Choice standards require that the builder seal pipe, wire, and ductwork penetrations, preventing heat loss in winter — or loss of conditioned air in the summer.

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Inside a Right Choice Home

Details Make all the Difference


Air can leak around rough openings between both the sheetrock and the electrical wiring, as well as heating and air vents. Sealing these openings in the ceiling with caulk or foam ensures hot summer air or cold winter air doesn’t come inside the envelope, the area that separates the conditioned and unconditioned environments of your home.

Your Right Choice new home builder will apply foam to your sheathing at the ceiling (including cathedral ceilings) in order to prevent unconditioned air from migrating through the insulation. This ensures that the insulation’s R-value performs up to its true capability.

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Each Right Choice New Home...

Earns the energy advantage rate, which saves the homeowner approximately 5% on their annual bill for the life of the home

A three-year energy warranty guarantees that your Right Choice home’s heating and cooling energy costs will be below a specified amount each year.

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“The Right Choice program is one of the best things to come along in this business in the last 10 years. I believe in the Jackson EMC Right Choice program so much that I built it for my own family.”

Mark Findley, Premier Residential Builders

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