Home Energy Evaluation Rebate

If you’ve completed the Home Energy Monitor or DIY Home Checkup Kit and you’re still having comfort issues or feel your bill is higher than expected, it may be time to consider a high-tech approach through a Home Energy Evaluation.

Here’s how it works:

1. Evaluate
Get a Home Energy Evaluation Rebate and receive specific home improvement recommendations.

2. Improve
Choose the recommended improvements that are ranked high on the list and make the biggest energy savings to receive Jackson EMC rebates. These will be an “A” or “B” recommendation on your evaluation report. You must use a contractor in Jackson EMC’s Participating Contractor Network.

3. Verify
Once the energy improvements are made, a follow-up evaluation is performed to verify the work is done and qualify you for current rebates.

4. Save
Jackson EMC offers rebates up to $1,400 for the Home Energy Evaluation is completed and recommended improvements are done.


Home Energy Evaluation
Have a Home Energy Evaluation and get a $200 rebate on the cost of the evaluation.*

Rebate Qualifications:

  • The Home Energy Evaluation must be performed by a qualified Right Choice technician.

Rebate Process:

  • Contact Jackson EMC to schedule a Home Energy Evaluation.
  • The technician submits your rebate paperwork to Jackson EMC.
  • Jackson EMC mails you a rebate check.

Improvement Rebates
Jackson EMC offers members a rebate of up to 50% of the cost of adding insulation and/or air sealing (up to $400).

Jackson EMC offers members a rebate of up to 50% of the cost of duct sealing and/or replacement (up to $400).


  • Work must be a recommended “A” or “B” priority in your Home Energy Evaluation.
  • Work must be performed by a member of our Participating Contractor Network.
  • Completed work must be inspected by a qualified Right Choice technician.

Rebate Process:

  • Based on the results of your Home Energy Evaluation, your Right Choice technician will recommend and prioritize energy efficiency improvement work on your home.
  • You select a Participating Contractor Network contractor to complete the work.
  • You notify your Right Choice technician that the work has been completed.
  • The Right Choice technician inspects the work and submits to Jackson EMC the paperwork for your rebate.
  • Jackson EMC mails you a rebate check.

*Rebates program requirements must be followed. Rebates may be discontinued at any time.

Loans Available

As a member of Jackson EMC, you may qualify for financing of energy-efficient home improvements.

See Loans Available

Contractor Network

Find contractors in Jackson EMC’s participating contractor network who may be available to perform your recommended improvements.

Find Contractors

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