Filter Change Program

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Running your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system with a dirty filter makes it work harder and longer. Keeping the filter clean can lower your system’s energy usage up to 15%.

Most standard filters should be checked each month and replaced when dirty.

Jackson EMC offers an affordable service from our partner Filterchange.coop that will ensure you always have a clean filter at a low price. You can eliminate the need to run to the store to buy a filter, only to discover you forgot to write down the size of your filter, by enrolling in the Jackson EMC filter replacement program.

Filters are delivered directly to your door and a free monthly email reminder can be sent so you remember to change your filter again.

Enroll in Filter Change Program

Note: Do not use a high performance filter with a high MERV rating unless your heating and air system’s ductwork is designed to handle a high performance filter. This will lower the airflow through your return system, lower your comfort level, raise your operating cost and put additional stress on your HVAC system.