Rooftop Solar

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Jackson EMC supports using reliable renewable energy. We can help you decide if solar energy is a good fit for your home.

Solar-powered systems are a clean, safe and renewable energy source. They help conserve natural resources and can reduce the environmental impact of energy production.

For the average member, a solar energy system produces 20-50% of their annual energy needs, depending on the size and orientation of the system and the energy requirements of the home.

Is a Solar System Right for You?

Before installing a solar system, answer a few questions:

  • Are you a Jackson EMC member?
  • Do you own your home and property?
  • Does a large portion of your roof face south?
  • Is your roof in good condition?
  • Does your property get full sun or minimal shade from trees, buildings and other structures?
  • Is your property free from deed or Homeowners Association (HOA) restrictions on solar energy systems?
  • Can you afford to purchase a solar power system?

If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, a solar-powered system may be right for you.

Interconnection Agreement

Jackson EMC members who plan to install onsite generation (other than emergency generation) must enter into a Distributed Generation Interconnection Agreement with Jackson EMC prior to operating their systems.

Learn More about Interconnection

Solar Site Survey

Jackson EMC’s team of energy experts can help you make the final decision by conducting a solar site survey to determine if solar products would benefit you.

Contact Jackson EMC and ask to speak to a home energy advisor for a complete list of program requirements.


If you need help purchasing a solar energy system, loans are available through Go Energy Financial Credit Union for Jackson EMC residential members. Call Go Energy Financial Credit Union at 1-888-959-7132

You can finance only Jackson EMC-approved solar installations. Contact Jackson EMC and ask to speak to a home energy advisor for a list of all program requirements.

Financing through Go Energy Financial is available for Jackson EMC residential members.


Jackson EMC members may also qualify for a one-time rebate of $250 per kilowatt of DC for adopting clean, safe and renewable solar energy technologies. The rebate limit is $2,500.

A North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners® (NABCEP®) certified PV Installation Professional (PVIP) contractor must install home solar improvements to be eligible for the rebate.

To apply for a solar rebate, please complete Jackson EMC's solar rebate application form.

Looking for more information about other solar incentives?

Learn More About Solar Rebates

Download a Rooftop Solar brochure

*Limited time offer until program funds are exhausted. Jackson EMC's energy efficiency services and rebates only relate to solar installations owned by our members and not any third-party organization.

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