Cooperative Solar Enrollment


To be eligible to participate in Cooperative Solar, the account must be a residential account served by Jackson EMC. The account cannot be enrolled in Time-of-Use rate, Plug-In Electric Vehicle rate, PrePay service, Budget Billing or Net Metering.


Members can discontinue the program at any time. The Member understands and agrees that by choosing to exit the program the account will incur a twelve (12) month waiting period before becoming eligible for re-enrollment to the Cooperative Solar Program.

Pricing and Energy Production

The monthly cost for (1) block of solar energy is $23.00. Members can purchase up to 3 blocks of solar power. Each block represents the energy output of 1 kW and on average should generate approximately 200 - 225 kWh per month. The energy output from the blocks will fluctuate due to variations in the angle of the sun, seasonal effects, weather conditions and other operational factors. The kilowatt-hours produced by the purchased block(s) in each billing period will offset the same number of kilowatt-hours on the member’s bill. In the event a member’s block(s) produces more kilowatt-hours than was consumed during the current billing period, members will receive a credit for excess energy not used.

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