Interconnection Agreement

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Generation Interconnection Requires Agreement with Jackson EMC

Member-owned generation can take many forms, from small solar installations and emergency home generators to larger, parallel power systems. These larger systems – intended primarily to offset part or all of a Jackson EMC member’s electricity needs – operate parallel with Jackson EMC’s distribution system and are referred to as “parallel generation” systems.

Jackson EMC members who plan to install onsite generation (other than emergency generation) must enter into a Distributed Generation Interconnection Agreement with Jackson EMC prior to operating their systems.

Our requirements for member-owned parallel generation help ensure the safety of our employees, members and the public while safeguarding the quality and reliability of our distribution system.

Emergency Backup
An emergency backup system maintains a member’s power supply in the event of an outage on our distribution system. Members who wish to connect an emergency generator must have a licensed electrician install a transfer switch, which prevents back feed of power onto Jackson EMC’s distribution system.

The distributed generation procedure does not apply to emergency backup generators. See Generator Safety for more information.

Parallel Generation Systems
Parallel generation systems are installed to offset power from the grid. Jackson EMC members who wish to operate parallel generation are required to enter into a Distributed Generation Interconnection Agreement with Jackson EMC prior to operating their system. Members who plan to sell Jackson EMC electricity produced by their distributed generation facility should review our Net Metering Rider.

Approval Process
Our Distributed Generation Interconnection Procedure includes an explanation of the application process, application and supporting materials, including information on what types of parallel generation qualify for our fast track process. To start the approval process, review the procedure, complete the application and send it with a $100 processing fee via U.S. mail to:

Jackson EMC
Attn: System Engineering
P.O. Box 38
Jefferson, GA 30549

Jackson EMC will notify you of receipt of your application within three business days. Within 10 business days, we will let you know if your application is complete or if additional information is required.

Contact Us
For more information or questions about Jackson EMC’s interconnection policy, please contact us at [email protected].