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EMC Security offers the right security system to help keep your employees safe, prevent theft, and notify police and fire departments of emergencies. The obvious presence of alarms, video surveillance and access control systems that limit access can effectively deter intruders.

EMC Security has award-winning customer service and is locally owned and operated.

Roots with Local Cooperatives

Since 1998, EMC Security has serviced homes and businesses in Georgia. The company is equally owned by three electric cooperatives – Jackson EMC, Walton EMC and GreyStone Power.

Commercial and Industrial Security Solutions

EMC Security offers a large selection of video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire protection and access control for all types of commercial and industrial businesses.

EMC Security provides services for schools, offices, multi-family properties, manufacturers, data centers, utilities and more.

View Commercial & Industrial Security Solutions

Fire Alert System

Schedule a Consultation

Experienced consultants and technicians are available to create a comprehensive security system tailored specifically to your needs. To schedule a consultation, please contact EMC Security at 770-963-0305.


As a Jackson EMC member, you can bundle payment on your power bill or take advantage of paperless and auto-billing through EMC Security.

For more information on EMC Security, visit emcsecurity.com or call 770-963-0305.

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