Commercial / Industrial Energy Services

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As your energy partner, Jackson EMC provides businesses and industries with energy-related services to help you save money, improve product quality, enhance productivity and reduce environmental impact.

Services from our Business Development team include:

Energy Audits

We use on-site monitoring, process evaluation and computer analysis to find ways to improve your facility’s energy efficiency.

Energy Management

We provide recommended strategies to control energy costs for equipment and systems.

Design Assistance

We evaluate your planned facility’s design options and identify factors that may affect your operating efficiency, along with recommendations for improvements.

Technology Assessment & Application

We advise you on electrotechnologies that can enhance your operation’s productivity and product quality.

On-Site Evaluation

We provide recommendations – based on an on-site evaluation – of your heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems to reduce costs.

Power Quality

We conduct an analysis of factors that may disrupt power quality, such as electrical noise from equipment.

Additional Services

As a Jackson EMC member, businesses and industries may also benefit from other services, including: