Residential Budget Billing

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In the summer and winter, heating and air conditioning systems use more electricity, which can affect the amount of energy that you use. By using our Budget Billing Plan, you can balance your electric bills so your payments are the same each month.

How Budget Billing Works

When you sign up for budget billing, your electric bill is based on your most recent 12-month average. Using this average, the amount of your bill will not fluctuate and will be the same every month for the next 12 months.

On your sign-up anniversary, your energy use for the past 12 months will be reviewed to determine your new budget bill amount for the next year. This review process is done each year that you remain enrolled in the program.

After the annual review, your budget bill amount could be higher or lower for the next year – depending on your energy use from the previous 12 months. Some factors that may affect your energy use include weather changes, additional appliances in your home or a new HVAC system.

At times, accounts on Budget Billing may be adjusted prior to your 12-month review. Accounts with exceptional changes to their energy use or other factors may be recalculated earlier. We’ll contact you in advance if this affects your account.

Budget Billing is available for residential accounts only.

Eligibility: Residential service in good standing for at least one year – or have moved to a location with a 12-month history of electric use that can be calculated to determine an average usage amount.

  • plan to live at their current address for at least one year,
  • have electric service from a single meter that is wired for individual use,
  • account should have zero balance in order to activate budget billing and account must have satisfactory payment history with Jackson EMC

How to Request Budget Billing:

  • Submit a request through your MyJacksonEMC account online or the mobile app.
    • On the website, after logging in to the MyJacksonEMC website, click “Report an Issue/Inquiry” and then click “Other Issues/General Inquiry.” Select “Budget Billing Inquiry” from the drop down menu.
    • On the MyJacksonEMC app, select “Contact Us” and then “Budget Billing Inquiry.”
  • You may speak to a Jackson EMC representative about Budget Billing by calling Customer Service at 1-800-462-3691 or by visiting your local Jackson EMC office.