Payment Plans - Budget Billing

Balance your electric bills so your payments are the same each month.

Graph depicts budget billing.

Seasonal temperature changes mean your heating and air conditioning systems use more electricity in the summer and winter, increasing your electric bill. By using the Budget Billing Plan, you can balance your electric bills so your payments are the same each month.

How Budget Billing works

The plan works by averaging your current month and last 11 months of electric use. Your bill will be this average amount each month until the anniversary of the date when you signed up for Budget Billing. On your sign-up anniversary, your average will be recalculated to determine your new Budget Billing amount. Your new Budget Billing average will take into account your current and last 11 months of electric use, as well as any adjustment needed to compensate for higher or lower use during your previous Budget Billing period. An increase could be caused by extreme changes in weather conditions, the addition of appliances or an increase in the number of residents in your home. A decrease could be caused by the installation of a new heat pump or energy efficiency improvements in your home, such as new windows or added insulation.

Here's an example of how that might work:

Previous 12-month Budget Billing amount $110.00/month
Actual previous 12-month average energy use $120.00/month
New 12-month Budget Billing average $120.00/month
Average previous 12-month Budget Billing difference $ 10.00/month
New 12-month Budget Billing amount $130.00/month

Budget Billing is offered to residential customers who:

  • have lived at their current address for at least one year, or have moved to a location that has a 12-month history of electric use that can be used to calculate an average usage amount;
  • plan to live at their current address for at least one year;
  • have electric service from a single meter that is wired for their individual use;
  • have no balance on their Jackson EMC accounts at the time they begin the plan; and
  • have established a good payment record on their Jackson EMC accounts.

* Businesses, churches and poultry houses are not eligible for the Budget Billing program.

If you are interested in Budget Billing and there is no 12-month electric use history for your current address, please check back with us when you have been at your location for one year.

How to participate

To see if you qualify for the Budget Billing program, submit a request through your MyJacksonEMC account online or via the MyJacksonEMC mobile app.

Once you log in to the MyJacksonEMC website, click "Report an Issue/Inquiry" then click "Other Issues/General Inquiry." Select Budget Billing Inquiry from the drop down menu. On the MyJacksonEMC app, select "Contact Us" and select "Budget Billing Inquiry."

You can also speak to a Jackson EMC representative about Budget Billing by calling 1-800-462-3691 or visiting your local Jackson EMC office.