Health Equipment

Notify Jackson EMC if you require health equipment dependent on electricity.

Critical Care

Jackson EMC keeps a record of customers who require health equipment dependent upon electric power. They are designated as Critical Care, and receive priority treatment. Customer accounts listed as Critical Care are 'flagged' in a special way that shows up instantly when an outage is reported.

If you have electrically powered health support equipment, contact Jackson EMC. A customer service representative will tell you what information we need from your doctor to make sure your account is properly flagged.

Provide updated information on a regular basis. We also urge you to let us know if you no longer need to be flagged so we keep the most up-to-date information possible.

Alternative Plans

Jackson EMC encourages Critical Care customers to have alternative plans in place because in widespread outages it is not always possible to restore service to the home until many lines along the system have been repaired.