How to Read Your Time-of-Use Meter

When you sign up for Time-of-Use rates, Jackson EMC installs a special electric meter that records the date and time, logging all energy used during peak and off-peak periods. Your cost of electricity per kilowatt hour from 3 to 8 p.m. on summer weekdays between June 1 and September 15 will be 34.35 cents. That's about three times the normal rate, but this will be the period when you've agreed to limit your electric use. On summer weekends, at non-peak times and the rest of the year, your electric rate will be much lower — just 7.35 cents per kilowatt hour, compared to the normal residential rate of 8.81-11.66 cents per kilowatt hour. You must sign up for Time-of-Use rates by May 1 of each year to participate. Customers who sign up after May 1 will begin Time-of-Use rates the next year.

For members who've taken advantage of Jackson EMC's Time of Use rate, your Smart Meter will display nine screens. They're explained below.

Screen 1-Display Test

All elements light up, and it appears to show all 8's across the screen.

Screen 2-Label for Register A

CSt001 will display before the Rate A register.

Screen 3-kWh for Register A (OFF-PEAK HOURS)

Display shows your actual kilowatt-hours used during off-peak hours.

Screen 4-Label for Register B

CSt002 will display before the Rate B register.

Screen 5-kWh for Register B (PEAK HOURS)

This display shows your actual usage during peak hours.

Screen 6-Label Before Date

Screen six will display just before the date.

Screen 7-Date

Screen displays the month, date and year. The date for the screen pictured is June 1, 2011.

Screen 8-Label for Time

This screen label displays just before the time screen.

Screen 9-Time

This screen displays time in hours, minutes and seconds. The time pictured is 8:12:51.