How to Read Your Meter

Your electric meter is a precision instrument that measures the flow of electricity in units called kilowatt-hours (kWh).

Photo of a numerical display on an electric meter.Electric meters are extremely accurate. Less than one-half of one percent of meters tested prove to be outside the acceptable error rate of plus or minus two percent.

Digital meters are read like the odometer of your car, from left to right. The correct reading for this meter is 43641.

Photo of a smart digital meter on a white background

Display Cycles

Your Smart Meter display screen changes continuously. You'll see the following display cycles when reading your meter. The kWh screen will show your usage, if you're reading your meter. Look for the kWh on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • Display Check--All elements light up, and it appears to show all 8's across the screen.
  • kWh--This screen shows your actual usage and it's what you're looking for if you're reading your own meter.
  • kW--This display shows your actual demand. Used for JEMC's engineering purposes, demand is the maximum rate that your home uses power. Peak demand is determined by the highest 30-minute demand within a billing month. This is usually displayed in decimals.

If you feel your meter is not recording your electric use accurately, please call your nearest Jackson EMC office. We'll test your meter to determine if it needs to be replaced for mechanical issues. In the event that your meter is working properly, a $30 Meter Test Fee will be assessed. No fees will be charged for malfunctioning devices.