Green Power FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Green Power
  • What is "green" energy?

    Green energy is electricity produced from more environmentally friendly technologies such as biomass, solar, wind and low-impact hydropower. These sources have less effect on air, water and natural resources than creating electricity from fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

  • What "green" energy sources does Green Power EMC use?

    Green Power EMC power is exclusively sourced from biomass.

  • What is landfill gas-to-electricity generation?

    The decomposition of organic matter in landfills produces landfill gas, or methane. It is normally disposed of by burning, but the burning methane gas can be harnessed to power electric generators. Landfill plants use otherwise wasted landfill byproducts to replace burning fossil fuels.

  • What is biomass electricity generation?

    Biomass is plant matter and animal manure used to generate electricity. It's most commonly burned to power steam turbines like those in traditional power plants. These power plants usually burn waste products such as forest industry, construction and agricultural waste including wood chips and peanut shells. Biomass can also be converted to fuels such as methane that can power several types of electrical generation. Landfill gas-to-electricity generation is considered biomass generation.

  • How do I know I'm really getting green power?

    There's no way to specifically send the electricity generated from renewable resources to your home. By subscribing to Green Power, you are encouraging investment in environmentally friendly power generation. Every Green Power kilowatt-hour you purchase means that Jackson EMC is purchasing one fewer kilowatt-hour from other sources such as coal-burning power plants.

  • Why is Jackson EMC participating in Green Power EMC?

    Jackson EMC is committed to encouraging renewable energy sources and offering our customers choices that are good for the environment.

  • How will I be billed?

    You will see an additional line item on your monthly bill for your Green Power purchase from Jackson EMC.

  • How will my bill be calculated?

    All Jackson EMC members are eligible to purchase Green Power from Jackson EMC on a "first come, first served" basis. Jackson EMC Green Power is available to members in blocks of 150 kWh for an additional fee of $ 4.50 each month.

  • Will my rates change over time?

    The existing rate structure for your Jackson EMC Green Power service is presently fixed and determined by Board action. Many factors control this cost however we feel it will only change when contract conditions change or new, more costly, renewable resources are added to the program and we must adjust the price to account for the increased price of the new generation.

  • If I want to terminate this agreement/ contract, what is the early termination fee?

    There is no cost associated with terminating participation in Jackson EMC Green Power program.

  • What length of agreement/ contract is required?

    No contract or re-enrollment is required. You will remain enrolled in Jackson EMC's Green Power program until you terminate your participation by notifying Jackson EMC.

  • What other fees might I be charged?

    There are no other fees associated with participation in Jackson EMC Green Power program.

  • Whom should I contact for more information?

    Jackson EMC Customer Service Center: (706) 367-5281
    Jackson EMC Green Power website:
    Address: Jackson EMC, P O Box 38, Jefferson, Georgia 30549