Report an Outage

You can enter an outage report directly into our Outage Management System with your smartphone, tablet or PC by using our interactive outage reporting form. You can also set up an Account Profile, where you can report outages along with access to bill statements and more.

Go to Your Account and click Online Account Access to set up your profile. In minutes, you'll have access to your billing and account history, the ability to pay online and check to see if outages have been reported in your neighborhood.

Your billing address, telephone number and other account information are part of your profile, so you don't spend time entering those details when you report an outage online. It's fast, easy and one of the many ways JEMC is working to make doing business with us quick and efficient.

Report a Power Outage by Phone

You can also call your local Jackson EMC office and take advantage of our automated outage reporting system, which will also enter your information directly into our Outage Management System.

Report a Street Light Outage

    Click here to report a street light outage online

You can also report a street light outage by calling your local Jackson EMC office.

You can use the Street Light Outage Report Form 24 hours a day.  The outage will be recorded on the next business day, during the hours of 7am and 7pm. 

If your online street light outage report is sent outside of that timeframe, your information may not be received until the next business day. If you do not have the tag number of the street light in question, the best way to report the outage is to call your local Jackson EMC office.