Filter Change Program

Running your HVAC system with a dirty filter makes it work harder and longer. If you run a heating and cooling system without the filter, the dirt builds up on the inside, which can shorten the operating life and increase operating costs.

Most standard filters should be changed — or at least checked — monthly. One way to remember is to change your filter each month when your Jackson EMC bill arrives.

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Jackson EMC now offers an affordable service from our partner that will ensure you've always got a clean filter - at the best price. Forget running to the store each month - enroll in our program to have filters delivered directly to your door. Our service can also send you free monthly email reminders to you never forget to change your filter again.

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Note:  Do not use a high performance filter with a high MERV rating unless your heating and air system ductwork was designed to handle a high performance filter.  If you do you will lower the air flow through your return system which will lower your comfort level, raise your operating cost and put additional stress on your HVAC system.  Additional stress on your HVAC system will lower the life expectancy of the unit.