Protect Your Electronics from Power Surges!

Surge Protection for Electronics

With Jackson EMC’s Surge Protection
for Electronics, your valuable electronics
are protected against damage due to
lighting or power surges.

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A variety of Plug-in Models are available

These devices are designed to keep lightning from ever reaching your
computer, TV, DVD and Blu-ray players, or any electronic device plugged in.
If they don’t, your electronics will be replaced or repaired free of charge!**

Convenient Purchase Options

Jackson EMC customer/members can charge purchase of these devices to their next bill or have the total charge divided and conveniently billed over their next three bills. Cash, check,and credit card payment is also accepted. 

Call 1-800-462-3691

Order Now (pdf)To speak to a Jackson EMC customer service
representative about our surge protection program.


**Warranty Coverage (Residential only, not commercial)
PSP TVSS are warrantied for life. If a surge should pass through a PSP TVSS and the TVSS fails, causing consequential damage to the equipment correctly connected to it, PSP will pay up to $25,000 per occurrence for repair or replacement with a $6 million limit per location. PSP Products, Inc., handles claims.