Applying for the 2023 Washington Youth Tour

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2023 Washington Youth Tour Application Checklist

(Please read the following guidelines before starting your online application)

Apply for the 2023 Washington Youth Tour

The deadline to apply is January 31, 2023.

Before you apply, write your essays and secure your recommendations. You will be asked to upload them. Please allocate 30 minutes to complete and submit your application online, which should be completed in one sitting. A parent or legal guardian must provide a digital signature at the end of the application form.

Writing Your Community Involvement Narrative

Describe how you have contributed to your community and why involvement in this activity or organization is important to you. This is an opportunity for you to talk about your community service activities (through school or faith-based activities individually or with your family).

Writing Your Personal Essay

Topic: Jackson EMC values outstanding service, stewardship, integrity, accountability, teamwork, and community involvement. Choose up to three of these values and explain how you will be the best representative of Jackson EMC on the 2023 Washington Youth Tour.

Submit Two Recommendations

You will need to include two letters of recommendation outlining why you should be selected as a Washington Youth Tour delegate for Jackson EMC. Note: Only one letter may be from someone employed by your school. You may email the recommendations or mail them to:

Jackson EMC

Attn: WYT

P.O. Box 38

Jefferson, Ga. 30549

For more questions, please contact us [email protected]
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