FFA & 4-H

Jackson EMC helps impact the lives of local youth.

Jackson EMC has sponsored and supported local FFA chapters and 4-H clubs for more than 65 years. Jackson EMC's involvement in FFA and 4-H clubs stemmed from our agricultural roots in the rural areas of Northeast Georgia.  We are proud to continue our active support of FFA and 4-H in their commitments to developing the next generation of leaders in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry, engineering, science and agriculture.

Jackson EMC sponsors events, such as the EMC Wiring Contest and the Quality Beef Show, the 4-H Foundation, and travel expenses for our winners to attend conferences and seminars.  Additionally, we sponsor four FFA students to attend the Georgia Cooperative Council’s Youth Leadership Conference every summer.  Interested in representing Jackson EMC and your FFA chapter at the 2018 Conference? Contact Karen Ewing (kewing@jacksonemc.com).  

Historic highlights include:

  • Through the 1950s and 1960s, Jackson EMC worked with local FFA and 4-H clubs to organize meetings focused on wiring education. 
  • Since 1967, Jackson EMC has sponsored the FFA Electric Wiring Contest designed to teach high school students about electricity and wiring. Read more about the wiring contest here.

FFA clubs have prepared barbeque chicken dinners for annual meeting attendees since 1957.

  • In the 1960s, almost 5,000 youth in 4-H and FFA clubs participated in Jackson EMC’s Youth Electric Project contest.

Barbara Brown, of Banks County, created the prize-winning lighting exhibit for the 1959 Jackson EMC Youth Electric Project and became Georgia's first National 4-H Club electric project winner.

  • Jackson EMC staged its first Quality Beef Show in 1969.  See this year’s Beef Show winners here.

Carolyn Shackelford of Gwinnett County 4-H won the 1976 Grand Champion Steer competition.