Bright Ideas Winners

For the 2021-2022 school year, Jackson EMC awarded 39 educators with big checks to fund their innovative class projects. Overall, the cooperative awarded $61,161 in Bright Ideas grants to educators in 22 middle schools for projects representing a variety of disciplines.

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See Our 2021 Bright Idea Winners

School Teacher Project Amount
Barrow Arts & Innovation Magnet Program Ashley Bailey STEM + Arts Engagement $1,796
Barrow Arts & Innovation Magnet Program Jennifer Stockwell Lights, Camera, Communication $1,985
Barrow Arts & Innovation Magnet Program Kristin Fuqua Robotic Solutions for Future Learners $1,992
BASA 8th grade Jennifer Deckard Physical Science Gamified $1,224
BASA 8th grade Paul Thornton Mobile Recording Studio $1,996
Bear Creek Middle School Toni Sessions Hopping Into Dissection $1,719
Bear Creek Middle School Tonia Harbin Weather Station $1,908
Berkmar Middle School Monica Shaffer Bio Science Learning Garden $1,468
Burney-Harris-Lyons Middle School Tymisha Creightney Newscasting for the Future $1,925
Cherokee Bluff Middle School Michelle Petersen Starting from the Ground Garden System $1,250
Chestatee Academy of Inquiry & Talent Development Lynn Murphy Theme Park Design $510
Chestatee Academy of Inquiry & Talent Development Leanne Alexander Horticulture for Sustainable Resources $1,542
Coleman Middle School Kelli Sinclair Aquaponics System $1,963
Commerce Middle School Lydia Peterman No Red Ink Writing $2,000
Dacula Middle School Susan Rumble Mystery Minerals $1,346
Dacula Middle School Tracie Banner Coding for Animation $1,995
East Jackson Middle School Michael Shawler Robotics: Building for the Future $1,600
Gainesville Middle School Jane Reed Function Blocks for Graphing $1,998
Hull Middle School Cindy Mollard Bravo for Braille $816
Hull Middle School Kanisha Sherman Adobe Spark for Business $1,978
Jefferson Middle School Sheila House Lego Boost Creative Tool Box $2,000
Jones Middle School Ashley Saye iDrum for Special Needs Students $512
Jones Middle School Rick Milleman Robot Design for Artificial Intelligence $998
Jordan Middle School Stacey Edison-Bryson Food for All Tower Garden $1,600
Lumpkin County Middle School Mariam Brunner Hands-on with Raspberry Pi $826
Lumpkin County Middle School Tori Jones Biomedical Designs for Prosthetics $1,284
Northbrook Middle School Zachary Davison Eco Warriors $2,000
Radloff Middle School Tamika Sirmons Literature to Life Stage Play $750
Radloff Middle School Carla Chelko Lego Robotics: Transportation for a Sustainable Future $1,335
Radloff Middle School Haley Gordon Engineering Skills for Sustainable Development $1,620
Radloff Middle School Celia Ayenesazan Multiliteracies Through Graphics $2,000
Radloff Middle School Michelle Morgan Picture Perfect for NASA Science $2,000
Sweetwater Middle School Kobie Flocker Georgia Studies $1,325
Twin Rivers Middle School Andrew Cox Dynamics Cart and Track System $1,917
Twin Rivers Middle School Anna Herdliska Spectroscopy: Quantifying Color of Light in Biological Specimens $1,955
West Jackson Middle School Meg Barber Adaptive Printing for Special Ed Students $1,097
West Jackson Middle School Laura Miller Podcasting through Africa & Asia $1,410
West Jackson Middle School Ka Charand Who Killed Jumpy? Dissection Project $1,526
West Jackson Middle School Dana Harrell Music Makes the World Go Round $1,995
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