Stories of Change

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A little change from participating Jackson EMC members means a lot to others. Through Operation Round Up©, your spare change is making a difference in the community.

Learn how these organizations are using their grants from the Jackson EMC Foundation to serve others and the community.

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Bethel Haven

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, Bethel Haven has experienced a “drastic increase” in clients seeking counseling, according to Executive Director Melinda Allen. The growing needs were met partly due to a Jackson EMC Foundation grant that provided therapeutic counseling for those who otherwise could not afford the services, she adds.

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Butterfly Dreams Farm

At a cheerful farm in Watkinsville, 14 horses with names like Pickle, Lilly and Kisses help children and adults gain mobility and social skills. Intelligent and patient, the gentle horses have worked with hundreds of riders since Butterfly Dreams Farm Therapeutic Riding Program opened in 2005.

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Georgia Healthy Family Alliance

Just when America thought it was on the verge of kicking the smoking habit in its younger population, the trend turned the other direction in 2016 when vaping and e-cigarette smoking gained traction with teens. Georgia Healthy Family Alliance works to reverse the trend.

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Gwinnett County Public Library

Something interesting happened when Gwinnett County Public Libraries partnered with other organizations to distribute food during the pandemic last year. Jason DiFranco, director of Development and Community Relations for the 15-branch library system, remembers it well.

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Jackson County Certified Literate Community Program

It was 11 years in the making, but when Anna finally earned her GED through the Jackson County Certified Literate Community Program (CLCP) in May, she could barely contain her excitement. “The teachers here are amazing, and the program is a huge benefit to people like me,” she says.

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Rainbow Children’s Home

Since opening in 2000 as a home of hope and opportunity, Rainbow Children’s Home, in Dahlonega, has provided shelter for abused and neglected girls. Almost 800 children ages 12 to 18 have found refuge here after suffering trauma from sexual abuse, eating disorders, self-harm or other issues.

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Rotary Club of Madison County

Rotary Clubs throughout the world are known for providing humanitarian service. The Rotary Club of Madison County does this with their Handicapped Accessible Ramp Program, which provides ramps, free of charge, for anyone in need.

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Sacred Roots Farm

Sex trafficking operates in the shadows of society. For girls stuck in the darkness, it’s a harrowing nightmare. While several organizations in Georgia work to rescue young women from sex slavery, few offer long-term recovery. Sacred Roots Farm is one that does.

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Spirit of Joy Food Pantry

The Spirit of Joy Food Pantry originated in 2001 as one of the first food pantries in Hall County.

Read The Spirit of Joy Food Pantry Story

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