Apply for a Grant

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Any individual or organization in any of the counties served by Jackson EMC – Banks, Barrow, Clarke, Franklin, Gwinnett, Hall, Jackson, Lumpkin, Madison and Oglethorpe. Based on Foundation guidelines, non-profits, community-based or volunteer organizations, civic organizations, shelters, hospitals, families and individuals may apply for grants.

Applications from organizations should be targeted to program support. Causes covered by these grants can include human need; education and development; family enrichment; literacy; health education, awareness and advocacy; and medical or disaster-related emergencies.

Individuals and organizations may receive only one grant award from the Foundation each year. Awards are limited to $5,000 for individuals and $20,000 for organizations.

Individuals and organizations that seek funding from the Jackson EMC Foundation must complete a very thorough grant application. Applications will be reviewed by the Foundation board of directors, who may request additional information, presentations or determine if personal visits are necessary for fact gathering.

The board meets bi-monthly and accepts applications at any time. However, it could take up to 4-5 months to process your request due to the high volume of applications we receive. We appreciate your patience.

You may complete the forms in any of three ways:

  1. Print and Complete: A form may be printed, then typed or filled in by hand.
  2. Complete Online: A form may be filled out while online, then printed. Note that you risk losing your work if your browser crashes or your internet connection fails.
  3. Save and Complete: If your browser is set to open Acrobat Reader within the browser window, you have access to the browser's "File - > Save As" feature. Save the form to a folder on your computer; go off line; open Acrobat Reader as a separate program, the open and complete the form. You will be able to print, but not save, the completed form. When you have completed the form print a copy because your data will not be saved in the file.

Forms may be emailed to [email protected].