Bright Ideas 2018 Winners


Jackson EMC awarded $51,461 to 43 middle school classrooms in 20 schools with grant money from the Bright Ideas program. Winning entries represented a variety of 21st century disciplines that interest students, including astronomy, Earth science, engineering, horticulture, language arts, math, music, physics and social studies.

The Bright Ideas grant program, in its fourth year at Jackson EMC, funds innovative classroom projects developed by state-certified public middle school educators within the counties served by Jackson EMC. Educators for grades six through eight can apply for up to $2,000 in grant funds for classroom projects that are not funded through general education dollars.

Science teachers will use their Bright Ideas grant funds from Jackson EMC for students to design bridge trusses, weather balloons and 3D atom models. Social studies teachers will create lessons to incorporate the broader community into the classroom to explore Georgia’s role in the Civil Rights Movement and to learn genealogical research methods. Language arts educators will use their grant funds to design projects to enhance the reading experience and to teach financial literacy.

2018 Bright Ideas Prize Brigade Photos

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2018 Bright Ideas Winners


School Awarded Educator Project
Bear Creek MS $306.00     Donna Morris Hydroponic Grow
Bear Creek MS $1,450.00 Anne Ridgway Podcasting in ELA
Bear Creek MS $1,777.00 Ashley Bailey Innovation Station
Haymon Morris MS $1,075.00 Teresa Johnson Out of the Dark
Russell MS $1,851.00 Nicole Baker 3D Science
Westside MS $1,892.00 Jennifer Deckard Physical Science to Life
Westside MS $600.00 Cheryl D'Aloisio Engaging 8th Grade ELA
Westside MS    $1,337.00 Valerie Lancaster Enriching Math for Engaged Students
Westside MS $750.00 Hannah Croy Mobile Broadcasting
Commerce MS $970.00 April Davis Electrifying Learning
Commerce MS $949.00 Adam Shirley Seeing Heat: Infrared Engineering
Coleman MS $1,000.00 Kelli Sinclair Data Collection: PBL
Dacula MS $398.00 Jennifer Gillis Egg Out the Competition
Dacula MS $547.00 Rhonda Horton Learning Made Fun Math Initiative
Hull MS $845.00 David Schoenrock Innovation in Soil & Water Conservation
Hull MS $500.00 Noah Green Innovative Agriculture
Hull MS $1,976.00 Carrie Sammons Low Eco-Impact Model Neighborhood
Jordan MS $1,399.00 Stacey Edison Bryson STEMulate Learning Robotics
McConnell MS $1,000.00 Kristin Fuqua Sowing Seeds of Learning
Northbrook MS $1,395.00 Angelika Shelley Bringing Personal Finance to Life
Radloff MS $314.00 Alex Sheffield Projekt 1065
Sweetwater MS $1,845.00 Shane Thompson Our Model City
Twin Rivers MS $1,000.00 Lori Youngblood "Lettuce" Eat to be Healthy
Twin Rivers MS $1,000.00 Angela Tarantino Focus on Food & Fitbits
Twin Rivers MS $1,955.00 Jason Hurd Monitoring the World thru the Internet of Things
Twin Rivers MS $1,000.00 Katie Wilcoxson Harnessing the Wind
Twin Rivers MS $1,778.00 Anna Herdliska Visualizing DNA
Twin Rivers MS $1,050.00 Andrew Cox STEM to the Stratosphere
Twin Rivers MS $1,000.00 Holli Greene Designing Bridge Trusses
Chestatee MS $500.00 Katie Rountree Calling All Readers
Chestatee MS $1,616.00 Dawn Hudgins Digging Up Our Roots
Chestatee MS $1,000.00 Terri Gruenenfelder Earth Science Exploration Box
Chestatee MS $634.00 Carrie Jane Sparks Happy About Elements
East Hall MS $1,255.00 Lona Hall Martian Settlement
East Jackson MS $1,780.00 Brandy Crisp Sci-Fi Theater
East Jackson MS $500.00 Frances Kwiatkowski A Meaningful Library
West Jackson MS $1,000.00 Lara Komanecky Photojournalism
West Jackson MS $1,647.00 Raechel Hunt Civil Rights Movement
West Jackson MS $1,988.00 Dana Harrell Beatles School of Rock
West Jackson MS $1,996.00 Sally Anne Short The Last Straw
West Jackson MS $1,865.00 William Kilgore 21st Century Band
Jefferson MS $1,797.00 Melissa Radaker Solving Problems with Electronics
Lumpkin MS $1,924.00 Bryan Fagan Interference & Diffraction of Light


2017 Bright Ideas Grants in Action

Holy Crepe Café


Black History Month Recital


Bright Ideas in Action