Bright Ideas 2017 Winners

Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) employees delivered big checks into 34 middle school classrooms in 20 schools with $50,000 in grant money from the Bright Ideas program throughout the month of October. Winning entries represented a variety of disciplines, including engineering, computer technology, language arts, math, music, science and social studies.

The 2017 grants represent the diversity of learning options for the 21st century student, including live theater production lighting and sound engineering, kinetic sculptures and animatronics, and agriculture technology. In addition, the grant provides teaching options for today’s educators, such as quadatrics through catapult building, history through a student-written play, and earth science through wind turbine construction.

The Bright Ideas grant program, now in its fourth year at Jackson EMC, funds innovative classroom projects developed by state-certified public middle school educators within the counties served by Jackson EMC. Educators for grades six through eight are awarded up to $2,000 in grant funds for classroom projects that are not funded through general education dollars.

2017 Bright Ideas Prize Brigade Photos

Photos of the 2017 Bright Ideas Winners holding checks

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2017 Bright Ideas Winners

School Awarded Educator Project
Bear Creek MS $1,874.00 Suzy Wallin Coach's Eye Technology for P.E.
Bear Creek MS $875.00 Donna Morris Hydroponics Tower Garden
Berkmar MS $500.00 Erin Corrigan-Smith Language Arts Manipulatives
Berkmar MS $1,560.00 Jim Roberson Signing Savvy
Berkmar MS $1,250.00 Rainey Baker BreakOut EDU Boxes
Burney-Harris-Lyons MS $1,050.00 Kathryn Brown Engaging Students Through Robotics
C.W. Davis MS $1,250.00 Valerie Lancaster BreakOut EDU Boxes
Chestatee Academy $1,820.00 Glen Lawson Battery Saving Circuits
Chestatee Academy $884.00 Terry Gruenenfelder Bringing Earth Science to Life
Chestatee Academy $531.00 Cindy Smith Homeless Bird Novel Exploration
Coleman MS $1,944.00 Sheila Harmony Kinetic Sculptures & Animatronics
Creekland MS $2,000.00 Dr. Anthony Piazza Wind Turbine Science
Dacula MS $2,000.00 Liliana Tamas 3D Printing Integration
Dacula MS $800.00 Elizabeth Wall A Place to Shine Literacy Program
East Hall MS $1,250.00 Jennifer Fowler BreakOut EDU Boxes
Hull MS $2,000.00 Joe Herbert Theater and Film Odyssey
Hull MS $2,000.00 Kari Salomon Energy Model Communities
Jordan MS $1,467.00 Jennifer DaSilva Rollercoaster of Energy
Lumpkin County MS $1,020.00 Julie Isaacs Functional Product Designing
Lumpkin County MS $1,945.00 Bryan Fagan Earthquake Engineering
McConnell MS $1,137.00 Kristin Bergstrom Aeroponic Tower
Radloff MS $2,000.00 Julie Wilkerson Solar Cars to Solar Lives
Russell MS $1,200.00 Paul Batchelor Build A Drone
Russell MS $2,000.00 Gretchen Hollingsworth The Art of Science 3D Printing
South Hall MS $1,835.00 Michelle Conable Soil-less Plant Science
Sweetwater MS $1,961.00  J. Antoine Shade Plants + Technology = Future
Sweetwater MS $625.00 Alicia Perkins Holy Crepe!
Sweetwater MS $1,950.00 James Mitchell STEAM Robotics in Engineering
Twin Rivers MS $1,326.00 Kim Christman Mobile Green Room
Twin Rivers MS $1,996.00 Andrew Cox The Unseen World of Energy
Twin Rivers MS $1,700.00 Abby Thurston Interactive Microscope Investigations
West Jackson MS $1,910.00 Dana Harrell Black History Month Musical Celebration
Westside MS $640.00 Joe Pearce Multi-Instrument Chromatic Tuner
Westside MS $1,700.00 Jennifer Deckard 3D Physical Science


2017 Bright Ideas Grants in Action

Holy Crepe Café

Black History Month Recital

Bright Ideas in Action