Spirit of Cooperation

Power lines over a field of crops.

As a member-owned cooperative, Jackson EMC is owned and democratically controlled by the members it serves.

Cooperatives, also called co-ops, follow seven basic principles. They are:

    1. Open and Voluntary Membership

    2. Democratic Member Control

    3. Members’ Economic Participation

    4. Autonomy and Independence

    5. Education, Training, and Information

    6. Cooperation among Cooperatives

    7. Concern for Community

Electric cooperatives began in 1935 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt helped to start the Rural Electric Administration (REA) with the goal to bring electricity to rural areas. A group of Northeast Georgia business and community leaders rallied their neighbors to form an electric cooperative. Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) started in 1938.

Today, Jackson EMC remains committed to providing power for its members at the lowest possible cost with reliable, courteous and personalized service.

Jackson EMC is one of more than 900 electric cooperatives in the United States. Overall, electric cooperatives account for 42 percent of the nation’s electric distribution lines. Jackson EMC is one of the largest electric cooperatives in the nation.

Members of Jackson EMC have a voice in the management of the cooperative. One of the ways members can participate in the cooperative is by attending Jackson EMC’s Annual Meeting, which provides information about business operations.

Cooperative Spirit Serving Georgians

Jackson EMC is the largest of 41 electric membership corporations (called EMCs) in Georgia. Although Jackson EMC is its own corporation, it collaborates in a number of ways – from power generation and transmission to economic development – with other cooperatives in Georgia. 

Together, we jointly own Georgia Electric Membership Corporation, Georgia Transmission Corporation, Oglethorpe Power Corporation, Georgia Systems Operations Corporation, and Green Power EMC.

To learn more about electric cooperatives, visit the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.