Commercial/ Industrial Energy Services

Services help companies manage energy, technology and environmental impact

As your energy partner, Jackson EMC works with you to find solutions that can save money, improve product quality, enhance productivity and reduce environmental impact. Our Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Marketing Department offers businesses a wide range of energy services:

Energy Audits

We put our energy experience to work for you to help find ways to improve your facility's energy efficiency. A Jackson EMC energy audit services range from a simple walk-through to a detailed investigation using on-site monitoring, process evaluation and computer analysis. Click here for our pre-audit questionnaire.

Energy Management

We can recommend strategies to control equipment and system costs with tailored solutions from simple time clocks to networked PC-based energy management systems. We'll help you understand demand-side management options, real-time pricing or how performance contracting can affect your bottom line.

Design Assistance

Jackson EMC can offer another perspective on your planned facility by evaluating design options and making suggestions about factors that could add comfort and operating efficiency.

Technology Assessment and Application

We can help you determine whether new electrotechnologies can enhance your operation's productivity and product quality. Our specialists will work to keep you updated on successful new applications that could affect your bottom line.

On-Site Evaluation

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting are major energy consumers in all facilities. We can evaluate your existing systems and make recommendations that can save energy as well as improve comfort and productivity. If you're considering new equipment, we can help evaluate system alternatives, design options and operating costs. Because we know the business, we can act as your liaison, representing your interests in attaining low operating cost and efficiency.

Power Quality

All utilities strive to deliver high quality electricity to their customers, but factors ranging from the weather to electrical noise from your own equipment can make power quality erratic. We understand that power-quality disturbances can be extremely costly for high-tech industries, and our power quality engineers will work with you to eliminate problems.