Commercial Rates & Options

Due to strategic power supply agreements and conservative management, Jackson EMC's rates are among the lowest in the country — significantly lower than the national average.

Jackson EMC offers a variety of rate structures for commercial customers.

Schedule GS-20 — General Service
Schedule LMS-20 — Load Management Service
Schedule S-20— Outdoor Lighting Service
Schedule GSAE-20 — General Service – All Electric
Schedule GSTOU-20 — General Service Time-of-Use
Schedule SLMS-20 — School Load Management Service
Schedule TS-20 — Temporary Service
Schedule MBS-20 — Market Based Service
Schedule P-20 — Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment
Schedule QF — Qualifying Facilities Service
Rider GPCI — Green Power Rider
Rider FC — Facilities Charge Rider
Rider LM — Load Management Adjustment Rider
Rider NM — Net Metering Rider