What We're Doing

Jackson EMC has championed the efficient use of energy for more than 30 years. We are committed to giving our members the information and tools they need to use energy wisely and reduce their impact on the environment.

These include online tools; energy-efficient homes; and rebates and low-interest loans for energy-efficiency improvements. We have rates designed to lower peak demand, which not only saves money but also reduces the use of less-efficient power plants.

We actively promote renewable energy, including being one of the founding members of Green Power EMC in 2001. Today, Green Power EMC collectively produces eight times as much renewable energy as other utilities in Georgia.

Jackson EMC will continue to look at ways to promote energy efficiency and green power. As a cooperative owned by the people we serve, we want to protect our environment and resources as much as you do.

Energy Conservation

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recognized Jackson EMC with its ENERGY STAR® Leadership in Housing Award for promoting energy-efficient construction through our Right Choice™ program.
  • Through online tools and products like our Home Energy Evaluation, we provide residential members with tools to check their home’s energy use and ways to make it more efficient.
  • We offer rebates and low-interest loans for energy-efficiency improvements.

Green Energy

  • Our members can purchase Green Power – electricity from renewable resources such as landfill gas and biomass.
  • Our Sun Power rebate program helps members install solar energy systems and solar water heaters.
  • We support educational programs about solar energy including the Green Power EMC Energy Education Program.


  • Commercial rates and residential time-of-use rates encourage cutting power usage at peak times.
  • Members who build Right Choice homes or who upgrade their homes to meet strict efficiency standards are eligible for our lowest residential rate.
  • Members who purchase or lease an electric vehicle can sign up for our special electric vehicle rate.