Poultry Services

The poultry industry has been good for the economy of our service area and for Jackson EMC.

Residential Farm and Poultry Rate

To support this vital part of our economy, Jackson EMC offers special services to poultry growers, including a residential farm and poultry rate that allows poultry farmers to levelize their annual power costs.

Standby Generator Financing Package

Standby power is an important requirement for poultry farmers to protect their flocks during severe weather. About 75% of Jackson EMC's poultry-grower customers have invested in standby generators. These generators are expensive and sometimes hard to finance. In addition, satisfactory service and maintenance agreements can be difficult to negotiate. To encourage the remaining 25% of our poultry farmers to install the units, we have a Standby Generator Financing Package. This unique Jackson EMC-backed service offers the security of a "turnkey" installation, including:

  • Quality installation
  • Maintenance agreement
  • 24-hour service
  • Fixed rate financing

For details and information on how you can participate in this service, contact Jackson EMC.

Modified Meter-Reading Procedures

We work with the Georgia Poultry Laboratory to help prevent the spread of any highly contagious poultry diseases during outbreaks by modifying meter-reading procedures and continue to look for ways to respond to the needs of the industry.